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M2Tech Classic integrated amplifier : classique, analogique, mais très audiophile


La marque italienne M2Tech annonce son nouvel ampli Hifi. Celui-ci est de conception visiblement très audiophile, mais totalement analogique. Cela est étonnant de la part d'une marque que l'on connait surtout à la base pour ses produits numériques très pointus. Mais que l'on se rassure, le M2Tech Classic integrated amplifier devrait être suivi et complété très vite par le M2Tech Classic DAC/Renderer.
Le prix de l'ampli est annoncé à 3999 € + VAT MSRP. Ci-dessous, les specs de l'appareil, des photos officielles (dont une de ses circuits internes) et le communiqué de presse en anglais.
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"M2Tech to release the new Classic Integrated Amplifier within April

M2Tech is known worldwide for high performance digital devices, as well as for great sounding headphones amplifiers, phono stages and class-A power amplifiers, all included in the mid-size Rockstars series.

To fulfill the expectations of the many audiophiles who look for more traditional products, M2Tech is now launching a new line of products, called “Classic”, the first item of which is the new Classic Integrated Amplifier.

The Classic Integrated Amplifier has been designed keeping in mind the real needs of the demanding audiophile, who looks for an elegant look, ease of use, versatility and, of course, an involving sonic performance.

The Classic Integrated Amplifier’s power stage delivers an unusually good dynamic performance: despite the rated continuous power of 60Wrms p.c. on 8 Ohms (which are already enough to drive most loudspeakers at realistic listening levels), it’s capable of producing up to 242Wrms p.c. short-term power (10ms) on 4 Ohms, therefore easily handling the strongest peaks the most demanding music programs often propose. This makes for an unconstrained sonic rendition which gives listeners the impression to have to do with a far more powerful amplifier. Power, anyway, is not obtained at the cost of a harsh or veiled sound: the Classic Integrated Amplifier delivers a natural, balanced and detailed sound at any listening level.

In order to achieve the best sonic performance, M2Tech designers decided to eliminate electronic protections, relying on the power amplifier’s oversizing, as well as on a thermal sensor to avoid overheating the output transistors.

The line preamp section of the Classic Integrated Amplifier is far more than the usual opamp or even passive attenuator: its refined discrete components circuit allows for driving the internal power stage, as well as any external power amplifier, at best. Volume control is implemented by an Alps RK27 potentiometer. Input selection uses relays.

The phono stage is probably the most noticeable part of the Classic Integrated Amplifier. Unlike many amplifier from other brands, which often only offer a low-cost MM phono preamplifier made with an opamp or even no phono input at all, M2Tech made a great effort in developing a true MM/MC, discrete components phono stage able to handle all MM pickups, as well as most MC pickups in the same price range as the Classic Integrated Amplifier and beyond. Users not using a turntable can set this input to line level.

The power supply of the Classic Integrated Amplifier is the responsible for its great dynamic performance: it’s been designed to tightly follow the power requirements of the music program, without wasting money in uselessly big transformer and bulk capacitors. This made it possible to keep the cost of the Classic Integrated amplifier within the chosen target, while offering higher performance.

As expected from every 21th century product, even if looking back at the great achievements of 90s hi-fi industry, the Classic Integrated Amplifier is provided with an infrared remote control, trigger inputs and outputs and a wifi interface to enable control from smartphone with free apps for Android phones and iPhones.

The Classic Integrated Amplifier sports a solid chassis with a nice brushed aluminum front panel including simple controls and indicators. All necessary is included, but not anything else. Experienced audiophiles will recognize the classic looks of the great amplifiers of 80s and 90s. Anyway, the real surprise is inside the unit: taking the cover off will reveal an incredibly ordered PCB with almost no wiring except the cables from the custom made power transformer.

The Classic Integrated Amplifier costs 3999€ + VAT MSRP."
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