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Luphonic annonce sa nouvelle platine R2 pour le High End de Munich


Nous avions remarqué la jeune marque allemande Luphonic sur le High End de Munich 2022 pour ses deux premières platines vinyles à bases en forme de catamaran, composées d'hydroxyde d'aluminium et d'acrylique. Elle annonce pour le High End de Munich 2024 une nouvelle platine R2, toujours dotée d'une base sandwich en hydroxyde d'aluminium et d'acrylique, mais de forme plus classique, plus lourde et massive. Le prix annoncé est de 3690 €.

Ci-dessous le communiqué de presse en anglais :

Linden, 03.05.2024 - Based in Linden in central Hesse, Germany, Luphonic manufactures high quality home audio equipment. At High End Munich this year they proudly present the new R2 model, which expands the R series reference range, offering a lower cost option to the top model R3 already on the market.


The concept​

The new LUPHONIC R2 is a belt-driven turntable equipped with the K2 gimbal-mounted tonearm with a length of 9.5". The sub-chassis drive consists of two layers of highly polished, white solid surface material, separated by a layer of vibration-damping cellular rubber.
The turntable weighs 10 kg and is equipped with height-adjustable feet. Like the chassis, the 24 mm high platter is made of solid surface material and guarantees detailed reproduction thanks to its low-resonance, homogeneous structure.
The materials used and the K2 tonearm have already proven themselves in the H2 model, which has received numerous awards from the trade press.

Drive and control​

The smooth-running synchronous motor is mounted on the lower layer - separately from the platter bearing and tonearm. It is controlled by motor electronics developed in-house, with which both the amplitude and the phase shift of the two sine waves are individually adapted to the built-in motor. This ensures an extremely quiet and low-vibration drive.


The turntable is operated using the tried-and-tested puck for speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute. An LED display provides information about the selected speed and other device parameters.

Prices and availability​

The recommended retail price for the LUPHONIC R2 is 3,690 euros. The larger R3 model has recently become available at prices of 4,290 euros without tonearm, 4,990 euros with K2-9" and 5,290 euros with K2-12". The K2 tonearm is offered separately for 990 euros (9") or 1,290 euros (12"). All models are available immediately.