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FiiO SP3 BT : version Bluetooth d'une paire d'enceintes de bureau résolument audiophile et striée

La marque chinoise a annoncé une version Bluetooth de sa paire d'enceinte SP3 de bureau. Celle-ci est compatible avec les codecs les plus qualitatifs (AptX Adaptive, AptX HD, AptX LL et LDAC). Elle dispose d'entrées audionumériques coaxiale, optique et USB ainsi que de deux entrées analogiques sur RCA et mini-jack. Chaque enceinte du duo utilise un boomer de 8,9 cm à membrane en fibre de carbone et un tweeter à dôme en soie tissée de 25 mm. Chaque haut-parleur dispose d'un étage d'amplification indépendant (de 10 W pour le tweeter et de 30 W pour le boomer).

Les FiiO SP3 BT sont positionnées à 349 €, 319 £ et 349 $.

Ci-dessous l'annonce en anglais, des images et les spécifications officielles des FiiO SP3 BT :

FiiO expands its range of Active Desktop Speakers with the new Hi-Res SP3 BT​

Featuring aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX LL, and LDAC Bluetooth; Coax/Optical/USB-C/RCA/3.5mm inputs; 3.5-inch Carbon Fibre Midwoofer, 1-inch Silk Tweeter, and 2 x 30W + 2 x 10W Output. Priced £319 / €379 / $349

Building upon the success of the original SP3 Desktop Speakers, FiiO has launched the SP3 BT.

Available in either black or white finishes, the SP3 BT deliver an engaging, dynamic sound with impressive width and height. Outputting 2 x 30W + 2 x 10W, the SP3 BT add USB Type-C, Coaxial and Optical inputs to the stereo RCA and 3.5mm line-in found on the original SP3. The SP3 BT's Optical input supports audio up to 24-Bit/96kHz, whilst both the USB Type-C and Coaxial inputs support audio up to 32-Bit/96kHz.

In addition to these new physical inputs, the SP3 BT also feature a host of Bluetooth connectivity options. SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX Low Latency are on-board, and the SP3 BT also offer Hi-Res wireless audio, thanks to aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, and LDAC support. This versatility means the SP3 BT are at home working with a host of different devices, including Smartphone, Mac, PC, Digital Audio Players (DAPs), and more. Whether listening to music, gaming, or watching video content, the SP3 BT are an ideal solution.

To further enhance the SP3 BT listening experience, the speakers have been designed to work seamlessly with the FiiO Control/FiiO Music mobile apps for iOS and Android. When connected via Bluetooth, the mobile apps allow fine-tuning of the sound via the 10-band Parametric EQ.

Featuring a 3.5-inch Carbon-fibre Midwoofer, together with a 1-inch Silk Tweeter, the SP3 BT offer dynamics and soundstage projection rarely found in a products of this size. The carbon-fibre composition of the Midwoofer ensures a rapid transient response and reduced non-linear distortion. In order that the 3.5-inch Carbon-fibre Midwoofer delivers its full potential, FiiO's audio engineers have employed a system of powerful Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuits in both models. An auxiliary magnet has been added to the centre of the speakers to improve the strength of the magnetic-field, ensuring reduction of non-linear distortion across the whole frequency band.

The SP3 BT's Silk Tweeter has been precisely angled for lossless transmission of sound waves, with the speaker's specially designed horizontal striped pattern diffusing sound effectively throughout a room. In addition, this Silk Tweeter features a copper-plated aluminium KSV voice coil, allowing the speakers to deliver accurate and clean reproduction of high frequencies, even when listening off-axis.

With dimensions designed to compliment both the award-winning FiiO R7 and R9 Desktop Streaming Players, the speakers also give users the option of a fully-featured next-gen streaming hi-fi solution when the products are used together.

As with the original SP3, the SP3 BT utilises an innovative Double-diffused S-shaped Porting Tube. This design allows the speakers to remain compact whilst reproducing a deep, punchy bass. Bass extension and control is enhanced, resulting in fast bass transients and superior audio quality at lower frequencies.

The SP3 BT are supplied with two sets of silicone stands: One set allows the speakers to be positioned with 0-degree elevation, whilst the other gives the speakers a 7° front-facing incline. These stands allow the user to ensure optimal proximity listening, i.e. when the speakers are placed on a desk. As the supplied stands are made of silicone, they also serve to act as vibration absorbers.

To enhance their appearance, SP3 BT feature LED lights that softly light up the bottom of its cabinet when powered on. Using the button on the rear of the speakers, a total of twenty-four different colours can be chosen from, or the lights can be turned off.